Chainplus partners with Bountyhive (when East meets West in the blockchain industry)

Blockchain, the encrypted, decentralized ledger for all cryptocurrency transactions. Though very much still in its infancy stage, the blockchain technology has already been developed and adopted by multiple companies and use cases continue to spring up in recent years. Numerous innovative companies all across the world have been trying to leverage the benefits which the distributed ledger technology provides for solving market inefficiencies. Such companies can be found in almost every industry.


Chainplus is always searching for new methods to serve companies in this emerging sector, whether it be through new avenues for promotion or streamlining of processes.


This has influenced our decision to partner up with one of the leading companies in the blockchain service industry, Bountyhive. Bountyhive has shown itself to be a leading company in this flourishing ecosystem who has been breaking the mold.


Bountyhive—connecting ICOs and bounty hunters


Bountyhive, providing the most complex and fully featured bounty hunting platform, leads the industry by eliminating inefficiencies a company may experience when conducting its bounty campaigns and streamlining the tasks for bounty hunters.


Having brought success to over 65 bounty campaigns in less than half a year, Bountyhive is very familiar with the ins and outs of setting up and running a bounty program. They are experts at campaign monitoring and their turnkey solution takes care of everything from the distribution of tokens to ensuring that bounty hunters get paid on time.


With their accumulated experience from various projects and a team full of experts, the company has gained international attention for the strong and close community they have built for ICOs.



Bountyhive + Chainplus = ?


Through our cooperation, we hope to provide our clients with the ability to not only penetrate the Chinese but also the western market together. Chainplus and Bountyhive aim to develop our respective advantages and provide services able to cover all the issues that might come up in launching an ICO.


This partnership is expected to facilitate faster growth for the two companies. The combination of two leaders in the blockchain industry will help both sides to expand operations to a greater market and explore greater opportunities.

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