The Top 9 ICO Advisory Service Firms

With the boom in the Blockchain industry ICO advisory service firms popped up in  countries all over the world. However, with the recent decline in the market we’ve seen many of these ICO advisory service firms die out, leaving just a few stragglers and those who can be rightly be called the best in the business. This list will cover some of the most high profile firms, their strengths, and their past accomplishments.


What constitutes ICO Advisory Services?

ICO advisory services usually cover a wide range of fields, including legal, technology, marketing, tokenomics, and fundraising. While some ICO advisory service firms cover all of these areas, some focus specifically in certain areas. Chainplus, for example, is specialized in marketing/fundraising in the Chinese market. Thus we usually come in at certain stage of the ICO process and only handle certain aspects of the process. Other advisory firms take projects that might only have a whitepaper and guide them through the entire process. Many Venture Capital firms and Crypto Funds have formed ICO advisory service teams as well to complement their core business, as helping the ICOs they’ve invested in to succeed is clearly beneficial.

Well without further ado, let’s take a look at some of the top players in this unique industry. Just to be clear, this isn’t a ranking, just a list.


The Top 9 ICO Advisory Service Firms

#1. AmaZix

AmaZix is well known throughout the Blockchain industry for the services that they provide. While AmaZix offers advisory services they are best known for their community management services.  AmaZix’s dedicated 24/7 community managers are famous for encouraging discussion and engagement in project communities. They provide these services in a variety of languages and each of their community managers is able to showcase their incredible expertise regarding blockchain technology in their work.

With their continuing success as the premier community management firm, AmaZix launched a dedicated advisory arm to compliment their business. They’ve brought on top notch analysts, marketers, and experts in technology/tokenomics to further serve their clients. With hundreds of employees worldwide, and offices in countries around the world, they’ve been able to create an enviable market position. Just a quick look at their portfolio and you’ll be able to determine whether or not they’re the right fit for your project. As far as ICO advisory services go, AmaZix is clearly one of the best, so if you’re in the market for one they’d definitely be worth talking to


#2. Wachsman

If you’re looking for the consummate professional ICO advisory service firm, Wachsman might be your best choice. Wachsman has worked with the ICO industry’s absolute best projects and continues to do so. Wachsman is most famous for their work with PR. In terms of branding and communication strategies Wachsman is hard to beat. They have incredibly strong media connections and continue to expand to other markets, as shown with their recent move to open a new office in Singapore.

Having worked with so many of the industry’s best, it’s only natural that Wachsman also provides strategic advisory services. With their unique experience and strong team they are able to provide consulting services on everything from compliance to business strategy. However, one thing you’ll notice about Wachsman from their portfolio is they are incredibly selective, in that they only work with the industry’s best. If you’re able to meet their criteria, you’ll have a heavy hitter in your corner if you decide to work with them.


#3. MLG Blockchain

MLG Blockchain is another firm that has received recognition as one of the best ICO advisory service firms out there. They’ve worked with some of the top crypto projects, including Tron, Soma, and Blockmason. They haven’t just been active on the advisory front though, they’ve also developed technology solutions to further promote projects to their target audience. In the last couple years they’ve grown from a small team to an international organization employing over 70 people across 3 continents.

In terms of their ICO advisory services, they provide support with technology development, marketing & PR, and fundraising/investor relations. However, one the reason’s that MLG Blockchain has become so widely respected, is that they put a significant effort into educating people about the blockchain industry and distribute ledger technology. They host events, training seminars, and even launched a certification course to further this goal. MLG continues to be one of the strongest players in the ICO advisory serivces industry and they will likely continue to do so for the foreseeable future.


#4. ICOBox

This was one of the first ICO advisory service firms to appear with the rise of the blockchain industry. ICOBox has an absolutely massive team with over 150+ members across 10 countries. ICObox is one of the ICO advisory service firms that can truly offer a one-stop shop for ICOs. They cover every aspect of the ICO process from whitepaper creation & smart contracts to fund raising & marketing.

ICOBox was one of the pioneers of the packaged marketing services for the ICO industry. Their packaged deals cover every aspect of the ICO process for quite a reasonable price. You’d be hard pressed to get that level of service at that price level almost anywhere else. This has helped ICObox to become one of the largest, if not THE largest, ICO advisory service provider in the industry.


#5. Chaineum Capital Partners

Chaineum Capital Partners was another early entry to the ICO advisory service game. In fact, Chaineum was the first boutique firm to be considered compliant with European laws regarding cryptocurreny. They’ve worked on a number of high quality projects and provide a wealth of knowledge for clients that they work with. Chaineum was founded by former bankers, so their knowledge regarding the financial industry is truly rock solid.

While they’ve been working in the blockchain industry for quite some time, they approach it with traditional finance experience. This means they can provide services regarding ICO, STO, fundraising, public & private placement, M&A, blockchain investment strategy


#6. The Element Group

The Element Group is another impressive ICO advisory service provider. However, advisory services are just one part of their core business, which also includes a tokenization platform, asset management, and market making/OTC services. They also have an incredibly detailed blog where they post the results of their research into the crypto markets.

Through their experience in these different parts of their business they’ve been able to acquire the skills necessary to create a truly dynamite ICO advisory service for companies looking for support. The Element Group is another company capable of taking a company step-by-step through the entire ICO process, something not every firm can offer (including us).


#7. New Alchemy

New Alchemy is another of the big names in the ICO advisory service space, and another company that can help founders from the very beginning to the very end of their ICO. They’ve worked with a huge number of big name clients making them well-known in the industry. They differ from other advisory services in that they have a specific broker-dealer network set-up to help raise funds for the projects they work with. They also have their own fund that often invests in the projects they work with themselves.

New Alchemy specializes in tokenization and fundraising and its these two ares that they are best known for. Projects that have worked with New Alchemy have performed incredibly well, meaning they’re likely also quite selective with the projects they choose to work with. If you think you’ve got a great project, they’re definitely a company worth contacting.

#8. Hype.Partners


Hype.Partners is another company that transitioned from a traditional marketing agency to servicing the blockchain industry, so you know they’ve got a wealth of experience from their work in other industries. They’ve worked with some of the top names in the crypto landscape including Quarkchain and Phantasma.


In terms of services, Hype.Partners offers everything a full-scale agency can do, including branding, content management, and influencer campaigns. However, their specialty is community management for both developers and those interested in upcoming projects. These services are essential to any ICO, so if you’re looking for a partner to help guide your ICO in these areas Hype.Partners would be a great company to speak with!

#9. Chainplus





Here comes the shameless self-promotion. Chainplus is an ICO advisory service firm that focuses specifically on introducing projects to the Chinese market. We’ve worked with over 40 projects and have a team of 35 people spread all across China. While we don’t cover legal, compliance, or tokenomics, we’re heavily focused on marketing, PR, community management, branding, and fundraising. We’re connected with nearly all of the crypto media outlets as well as Chinese influencers to get your message out to the right people and make your token sale a success.

Through our work we’ve also developed a huge network of high net worth individuals, family offices, venture capital firms, and exchanges. If you’re project is interested in tapping into  the China market don’t hesitate to give us a call!








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  1. Amasix yǐjīng jiěgùle 50 duō rén. Gāi gōngsī méiyǒu zēngzhǎng, dàn zhèngzài xiàjiàng. Yìng. Bùshì mìmì, zhǐ xū jìsuàn zǔ zhōng de mod shùliàng

    • For those who don’t speak Chinese, Jarl said that Amazix already fired about 50 people and is downsizing. Given the market it doesn’t surprise me, a lot of companies scaled up fast during the boom, and had to make cuts when it came down. From what I’ve heard though you guys are still pretty good at what you do!

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